July 21, 2010

on affinity

i haven't heard this word in a long time. reading it yesterday, in the context of writers and our connections, i wanted to look it up to find the exact definition. here's what i found:


1. feeling of identification: a natural liking for or identification with somebody or something

2. connection: a similarity or connection between people or things

i had no writing connections when i started my first novel. over time, i met my writing partner. she was very encouraging and helpful with the craft of writing. as i blogged about writing, i met other writers, and we formed attachments.

i now have affinity with several writers, and not just on a blogging acquaintance level. we've corresponded by email. we've met for coffee. we've traded manunscripts. we've laughed and cried over the ups and downs of writing.

i am no longer alone in my writing. yes, it must be done alone. no one but me is going to sit down to write my story, but i know i am not alone when i want to crawl into a hole and just ditch this whole writing gig.

i've blogged about writing friends before, but i thought i would list some connections i've made in the last few months.

Christine Danek -- Christine won a copy of Eldala a few months ago and since then, we've been corresponding by email. i find her refreshing and encouraging. she was kind enough to review Eldala and interview me. it was my first interview.

Abby Annis -- Abby is part of my on-and-off online crit group. she used to live in my area and we met for coffee last year. she had to move because of her husband's job and i miss her, but we stay in touch through blogging and email. i love her humorous, sometimes sarcastic posts.

Lisa Yarde -- when i did a google search for indie authors, i found N. Gemini Sasson's blog (My Dog Ate My Manuscript) and Lisa was one of her commenters or followers or something. the first thing that got my attention on Lisa's blog (The Brooklyn Scribbler) was her tag line: The adventures of a struggling New York writer who'd rather be in medieval Spain.

her honest, and often humorous blog posts kept me going back. (plus she's an indie author. of course i had to go back. we indie authors have to stick together.) working with Lisa on the blog post and indie publisher series has us emailing back and forth. she's another blogger i would like to meet in "real life." (maybe we could go to Spain together, though not in the middle ages, thank you very much. plane travel is hard enough. time travel might kill me.)

Lisa was the one who used the word affinity when she commented on my guest post: "Michelle, thank you for your humor and your warm-hearted openess. I've met many writers over the years and have learned that while not everyone is a generous, giving soul, there are a few like you who are always willing to pay it forward. I hope the affinity we've found as indie authors continues."

as i told her later, i hope the affinity continues as well. true writing friends are hard to come by. i appreciate every one of them. if you don't have any, it's time you looked for some. they will make the difference between going on and quitting.


Abby Annis said...

Thanks, Michelle! It was really fun meeting you in real life. You're the only writer I can say that about. It's too bad we didn't meet sooner. :)

Michelle Gregory said...

Abby, sooner would have been nice, but i'm glad we met at all.

Lisa Yarde said...

Aww, you're so sweet. Thank you for your kind words, Michelle. I can only say, likewise my friend, likewise.

Christine Danek said...

Thanks, Michelle! You are very sweet. I'm so glad to have met you vis the blogosphere. I'm glad I found such a great friend. You're right only you can write the story but you need the support when you triumph and when you fall. Thanks so much!