July 31, 2010

a new look

so the bored writer, not knowing what else to do, decided to change her blog design... again. but then, her readers probably won't be surprised at that. she changes her blog around every so often to keep things interesting. she really likes this new design. bolder. brighter. more playful. it makes her smile every time she logs in.

but she didn't stop there. she changed the header on her website. she thinks the new header says "fantasy author" more than the last one. you can check it out here: Michelle D. Gregory.

(even though she's had her own domain name for the past 3 years, she still thinks it's pretty cool.)


Donetta said...

Wow how vibrant and cheerful I love it too!
hope your having a great weekend

Donna Hole said...

Your website is awesome. I like your cool new digs here also.

Now what was that Eldala give away I glimpsed as I clicked on the comments for here? Must check it out.


Donna Hole said...

Nice intro on the other blog.

Hope all is going well on your give-away.


Jemi Fraser said...

Very nice - I like it :)

Lisa Yarde said...

Looks lovely, Michelle, time well spent.