July 11, 2010

meet my giraffes

ok, so they're not "my" giraffes, but i did get to feed one of them.

back in the spring, i discovered that our wonderful Phoenix Zoo had a giraffe feeding station. i'd always wanted to feed a giraffe and here was the opportunity, right in my city. my husband took the day off and we headed to the zoo. i made sure we were the first in line because i didn't want to miss the chance. (that's me - get there early just in case). i waited in line while my kids went to see the tiger and lions.

when we finally got to go in, i was crying. i couldn't believe i was there, actually getting that close to my favorite animal on the planet.

yes, that's my hand, feeding Charlie. her long, blue tongue curled around the alfalfa pellet and brushed against my fingers. i knew it would be rough, but it was still surprising.

a few weeks later, i dragged my kids back to the zoo and did it again. it was just as amazing the second time. i'll probably do it again when the weather cools off.


Jemi Fraser said...

Love it! I love animals and totally understand how excited you were. I hope you get to go back often! :)

Christine H said...

Aw! I love giraffes, too. They look so much like alien creatures, with those huge bodies and long necks.

darien said...

Hey Michelle..next time you are at Glen Eyrie, give yourself an extra half day and go see the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo...just as much fun. I share your love of giraffes, and when I realized that the CMZ was just ten miles from the castle, AND that they had one of the larger herds, I had to go. Maybe next year we can do that together.

Cruella Collett said...

Yay, giraffes! I love love love them! And I wish I had some nearby too - I'd come see them all the time :)