July 29, 2010

Eldala Giveaway at Kristie Cook's Promise VRP

have you ever been to a party that had a scavenger hunt? i remember going on only one and that was for a Sunday School party. it was actually a photo scavenger hunt. we split up into groups of 4 or 5, took our Polaroid cameras (yes, this was way back before digital), and then had to take pictures of our group doing goofy things. i think one of them was "all 5 of you pumping gas." as i recall, it was a lot of fun.

today, i get to be part of a scavenger hunt. in order to be one of the two winners today at Kristie Cook's Promise Virtual Release Party, you have to answer a question about Eldala when you fill out the entry form. and then a signed copy of Eldala is one of the prizes, so if you were waiting around for a free copy, here's your chance.

for more about the party and blog tour... Friday's VRP Daily Giveaway

for the entry form for today's giveaway... Promise VRP Day 6

big thanks to Kristie for helping me promote my novel. great idea, Kristie. glad i could help.


Lisa Yarde said...

Looks wonderful, Michelle. I already ordered a copy of Eldala which I'm waiting to receive.

Donna Hole said...

Hmm, maybe I'm doing this wrong; but I didn't really get anywhere on this contest. I didn't see anything on Kristie's site linking to your book; and at the other site, I don't tweet, so, that leaves me out.

It will be easier to buy the book; which is on my list of purchases anyways. Today is payday; time to commit.