June 21, 2010

total randomness

-- i'm following 99 blogs. even with the blog following manager thingy, i think that's too many. but which ones to let go of... i hate leaving anyone out.

-- the last 5000 words i wrote all showed me that i had to start a section over. sigh. (really, they were laughing at me, jeering in fact. i 'm not kidding!) that's the part of writing i loathe - writing to find out what you don't want to write.

-- somebody interviewed me for the 2nd time in my life. the first was back in Oct 2005 when some local reporter discovered i was writing for nanowrimo. the 2nd was just today for a blog, but i'm not telling who or when. you'll just have to wait with baited breath.

-- i have two awards i'm supposed to claim and post, but i haven't had the time. too much going on in life. soon i hope.

-- i have to give away some books as part of my house decluttering project for moving next year. i hate letting books go, even more than letting blogs go. some will have to stay (Mary Connealy books, Robin Lee Hatcher books, Debbie Macomber books, books on writing...). others will have to go. sad face.

-- time to have a snack and go do some housework - the desk in my room hasn't seen daylight for at least a month. i don't think the coffee table and my dresser have either.


drea moore said...

I really identify with the-life-getting in the way. I also follow a lot of blogs...but I find that skimming helps me. I guess it's bad that I don't read each post by every blogger, but I find that (myself included) I have better blog days and less-wonderful blog days :(

We moved into our place last year, and I'm still bringing in items from the garage randomly :( we moved in such a hurry that boxes of "non-essentials" were stuffed in the garage for later unpacking. Still bringing it into the house in pieces...

elizabeth mueller said...

I know how you feel, it's crazee keeping up with all them bloggies!

Jackee said...

I feel you on all accounts (well except for the interview, but I WILL wait with baited breath). I can't even sit at my desk it's getting so cluttered and dusty. And full of books. Too many books. The junk is really stifling my creativity.

Thanks for sharing your randomness--it makes me feel so much better about my own! :o)

Cruella Collett said...

I love random :)

I just got a Blogger error message saying that I couldn't follow any more blogs because I had reched the maximum limit of 300 blogs to follow... So I can relate ;)