June 1, 2010

random notes

♫ the movie Robin Hood needs more character development. i'm hoping the director's cut will fill in what was missing. otherwise, i thought it was good, and not as violent as i expected for Ridley Scott.

♫ i leave for Glen Eyrie in 4 days. my friend and i will be driving from Phoenix to Col. Springs. looking forward to all of it, though it hasn't quite sunk in yet that i'm going.

♫ just so you know, i hate to pack, so i won't have my bags ready until right at the last minute.

♫ still no progress on my novel. sigh. soon, i hope.

♫ i hope that staying in a castle is inspiring.

♫ my house is quiet right now. what a surprise.

♫ my daughter is writing a story every day, sometimes two a day. i'm jealous at how easily her ideas flow.

♫ i have 60 followers. wow. unexpected and cool.

♫ time to go eat 2nd breakfast. my head is feeling fuzzy from lack of food.

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