May 21, 2010

your opinion on a blogfest, please

i've been toying with this idea for some time... hosting a blogfest.

is it worth the time and effort i'd have to put into it?

if i did a button, i'd need help. anybody know how to do that?

subject matter - i had the idea to have people post their favorite scene from anything they've written, so a Favorite Scene blogfest.

what do you think?


Abby Annis said...

I think it sounds fun. :)

Christine H said...

Michelle, just participating in blogfests has doubled my followers in the past month or so. So, not only are they fun, but very useful for increasing your readership.

Of course, I would participate.

Christine H said...

P.S. I understand that most people use "Mr. Linky" to create the blog list of participants. I went to the website and it looks like you shoud use the "auto-linky".

Donna Hole said...

Yes its worth it! I love blog fests, and am planning one of my own when I hit 100 followers. Check out Andrew Rosenbergs post on How to host a blog fest at:

Its very inepth.

Good Luck; and hope to see a blog fest here soon.


Christine Danek said...

I would be game. I think most of the blogfests use Mr. Linky but I don't know how to use it. Sorry I can't help you there. I will be emailing you soon. :)