May 19, 2010

time to get away

getting away from it all...

i try to do this on a regular basis. my husband is very good at encouraging me to take Michelle time. this year, my Michelle time includes a trip to a castle. thankfully, getting to this castle doesn't involve long airplane flights to Europe (flying and my stomach don't get along).

this castle happens to be owned by The Navigators and is in Colorado Springs. Glen Eyrie is a Christian retreat center, built by the man who founded Colorado Springs. i'm going to be attending a Writers' Retreat called Get Reinspired.

the funny thing is, i saw pictures of this castle several years ago. i had wanted to attend a Ransomed Heart retreat. i was disappointed that i didn't get to go (mostly because i wanted to stay in a castle).

how ironic that i'm writing a story that involves a castle and i'm going to be staying in one.

i thought i would have my 2nd draft done before i went, but seeing that i leave in 18 days, i don't think that will be possible. i hope being here actually does reinspire me.

or at least, being there will give me a break from the hectic pace of life. (doesn't this look like a lovely spot to just sit?)

the flowers alone will be worth the trip, as will the mountain scenery.

being with other writers (including my writing friend who told me about the retreat, and who i'll be traveling with) will certainly be inspiring. it's nice to be with other people who make up stories in their heads. makes you feel like you're not alone.

on top of it all, there will be some excellent workshops:

Process (Angela Hunt): Angie’s gift is conquering the nuts and bolts of writing. She has developed systems that can organize and improve any style of writing. (i took a class from Angie Hunt 2 years ago. very nice lady, had a lot of good things to say.)

Relationship (Nancy Rue): Whether through juvenile or adult fiction. Nancy’s gift is developing relationships between characters, and between readers and stories.

Communication (James Scott Bell): No matter the genre—fiction, nonfiction, or public speaking—Jim's gift is presenting a clear, effective, and entertaining message. (i ate dinner one night with Jim at the same conference where i met Angie. what a humble, humorous man. looking forward to just being around him.)

Story (Kathy Mackel): A gifted screenwriter and novelist, Kathy’s gift is forming and shaping stories that move hearts and adhere to a sellable format.

the nice thing is, this retreat actually works writing time into the schedule. it also seems that there won't be the emphasis on book promotion like there is at other writing conferences - not that that's a bad thing, i just got tired of it when i went to my one and only conference a few years ago.

whatever happens, it will be a week away from the heat in Arizona, and time away from housework, grocery shopping, running errands, and the pull of the internet. all in all, a beautiful chance to get away.

oh- i forgot to show my room. click on this link of pictures, then find room 301. it's one of the Princess rooms, actually in the castle.


Catherine Denton said...

A castle? Are you kidding me?!! That is awesome. I didn't know one existed in the United States. Those pictures are gorgeous. I think you'll be inspired. Have fun!
Winged Writer

Kay Day said...

Angie Hunt linked to this on FB.
This will be my 4th year at this conference. You will be so glad you came!
Looking forward to meeting you!

KM Wilsher said...

I love Glen E. . .I stood feet from a ram there once. . .a stare down kind of. . .I'll never forget that moment :)

A Musing Mom said...

Wow! That sounds so perfect for you. And such a top-notch lineup of workshop leaders. Wish I were going too. Enjoy!