May 29, 2010

one more thing to add on the blogfest

or at least one more thing for now until i think of something else i failed to mention...

one of the commenters on my blogfest post said that she'd never killed one of her darlings and what was she supposed to do? after getting over my bout of writer's envy, i told her to pick her favorite scene that she's used.

that being said, i've added this to the rules:

- Pick a favorite scene that you've deleted or used. Either one is fine.

i certainly don't want to miss out on brilliant prose just because someone decided to use the scene instead of sending it on its merry way.

also, the talented Abby Annis has volunteered to make me a button. thank you, Abby. now i don't have to learn how. (or maybe sometime, you could walk me through it for the future.)

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