April 24, 2010

total randomness

here i am again, doling out the random thoughts that flit through my head because i want to write **something**, just not my work in progress at the moment.

♦ i like playing with the symbols in Character Map - can you tell?

♦ i don't like planning war strategy, which is why i'm putting off writing Blackheart. i'm at the point where i have to figure out where several groups are and it's giving me a headache.

♦ yesterday i told my 16 y.o. son (the one who's helping me write the bad guy scenes in Blackheart) that my novel is like a 2 year old, clamoring for attention, but i'm the one having tantrums over it. his response (in his best macabre voice): "It's trying to kill you." touche.

♦ Mary Connealy's Wildflower Bride (book 3 in the Montana Marriages series) is available on Amazon, a week early from its bookstore release date. i've already ordered my copy. waiting that extra week was just too much.

♦ my mind has been captured by another story idea. i think that makes over 20 stories i want to tell. when am i ever going to have the time to write them all and still get my novel finished? gurr. does this happen to you?

♦ i've started yet another blog, but it's not ready for public viewing yet. i'll let you know when it's up.

♦ suddenly my mind is blank. guess that's all for today.

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