April 14, 2010

great reads- part 1

it's not often that i talk about books here. i read so many and i don't usually take the time to mention them, but here are 6 i couldn't wait to introduce to my blog readers.

the first two are by my favorite author, Mary Connealy. she writes contemporary Christian and historical Christian romance (all of it under what she calls "Romantic Comedies with Cowboys"). i like to call her historicals "Hysterical Historicals."

Montana Rose and The Husband Tree are part of a three book series called Montana Marriage. they take place in the 1800's, a time of cowboys and cattle drives. both are really great reads and had me laughing most of the time, yet also worked in themes of grace and forgiveness.

an exerpt from the back cover copy:

Left pregnant and widowed in the unforgiving west, Cassie is forced into an unwanted marriage to rancher Red Dawson. No decent man could turn away from Cassie and leave her to the rough men in Divide, Montana.

Red Dawson can't turn his back on the spoiled, snooty, beautiful woman. Now he's got himself a wife he's sure God never intended. And when he informs her there'll be no more silk dresses and she has to do some work around the ranch he's surprised she immediately tries to help with everything. Too bad she's a walking disaster. His ranch may not survive her efforts to pitch in.

Belle Tanner buries her third worthless husband and makes a vow over his shallow grave. She’s learned her lesson. No more men.

Silas Harden just lost his second ranch because of a woman. The first deserted him when times got tough. Now he’s had to quit the whole state of New Mexico to avoid a trumped-up shotgun wedding and the noose of matrimony. He’s learned his lesson. No more women.

you can find the rest of this post in great reads - part 2.

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