March 9, 2010

i know it's not really all about me(me)

but i like answering memes. i found this one over at Julie D's Silver Lining, and since i wasn't tagged, i don't have to tag anyone else. you can just take this for yourself or not.

I like the sound of rain on my roof.

I like cats and dogs.

I like chatting with my friends via Yahoo chat.

I like journaling.

I like romance in any form.

I like watching my kids play on the PS3 or Wii.

I like seashells.

I like giraffes and hummingbirds.

I like going up to Marble Canyon, AZ for a week-long getaway with my husband.

I like watching movies with my 14 year old son (sometimes he watches chick flicks with me).

I like writing stories with my almost 16 year old son (we write so well together).

I like playing cards with my 8 year old daughter (Uno, Five Crowns, Crazy Eights - but we call it Crazy Royalty).

I love my husband and 3 kids.

Today was?? (Today is just starting and it's cloudy.)

I hate being misunderstood.

I hate bad drivers - tailgaters, drivers who don't pay attention at red lights, and drivers who weave in and out of traffic.

I hate too many dark, cloudy days in a row.

I hate clutter (but with 3 kids, it's all over my house).

I hate scary movies or stories.

I hate that authors are working for publishers when it should be the other way around.

I hate when people argue.

I hate that writers don't think they're really writers until a publisher or magazine picks up one of their stories.

I (secretly) like reading bodice rippers.

I love writing.


Nisa said...

Cute meme! I'm so with you on the clutter. I am the dejunk queen! Fortunately for me, my kids are still little and pick up when I ask them to. How many more years will I get to say that?!

Kristie Cook said...

Love the point on publishers and authors. You're right! They should be working for us! As for clutter...I, too, have 3 kids, all teens, all boys. Clutter is a fact of life for at least 6 more years. Oh, well.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I did this one, too. It's a fun one. I'm with you on giraffes and hummingbirds - too cute. And I'm also a clutter hater with 3 kids and a house full of clutter. :-)

roxy said...

Great post! I enjoyed learning more about you. I think we like/hate similar things. I went to the Eldala and Blackheart blogs. They are so good! I like the world you've created.

Michelle Gregory said...

guess i'm not alone on the clutter thing.

Roxy, thanks for the compliments on my made up world.

Julie Dao said...

I love this! I also hate clutter but I hoard like a magpie... sort of ironic isn't it? And I agree on the hummingbirds. They flock to my mom's garden and hang out by the lilacs and peonies each spring/summer and they're just so beautiful. Although I think it is highly unfair that the males are so vibrant and prettier than the girls!