February 10, 2010

some things to think about

here i am, just fiddling and reading blogs (because my brain is too tired to write anything), and i'm enjoying some lovely, thought-provoking posts.

Roxy over at A Woman's Write is talking about "What Makes You Write?"

Jen at Woolgatherings has an evocative post about why she writes: "In Which We Find" Ourselves.

Wendy at All in a Day's Thought is comparing words to things like kaleidoscopes and brown eggs in her post "Words Are Like..." She's also giving us some writing advice based on songs in "Write by Lyrics."

And finally, Jennifer at Unedited is discussing the frustrations of genre in "for the love of genre."


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay! Links. I love links. :-)

Jen said...

Too sweet Michelle! I'll check out the other links too!!!

Catherine Denton said...

Thanks for the links. Shannon sent me your way.
Winged Writer