February 7, 2010

i finally remembered...

i had planned to do a random question blog post - just questions that floated into my head, but i forgot what some of them were, until now, when it's 2 am and i should be in bed

1. why do story ideas come to me in the middle of the night?

2. if it's going to rob me of sleep, why won't my brain give me ideas that have to do with my current WIP?

3. in rush hour traffic, why do more cars move after the light has turned red again?

4. why do Phoenix drivers slow down when it rains?

5. when it rains, why does my dog decide she's not going to go outside to do her business?

6. is the Loch Ness monster real?

7. was there really an Atlantis?

8. why did i ask for a fancy mixer for xmas 2 years ago and i haven't used it? was i an Alton Brown wannabe?

9. back in the 1920's, what did the first user of my antique secretary think about? could she have imagined that a computer sits on it now?

10. why did it take me so long to discover that i love to write?

11. why do i love to write when it makes me get up at 2 AM with story ideas?


roxy said...

I love your list! Especially 9 &11. Great post.

Jen said...

I have tons of ideas after midnight!!! It's so nuts! Those are the best ideas!!!

Oh and in Houston drivers are the same way with rain... weirdos! In Iowa I never remembered that!