January 19, 2010

this always amazes me

i love looking at my live traffic map. i can't believe all the places my visitors come from. here's my recent traffic list:

United States [75%]
Canada [4%]
Germany [4%]
United Kingdom [2%]
Indonesia [1%]
Australia [1%]
Malaysia [1%]
Denmark [1%]
Russia [1%]
South Korea [1%]
Venezuela [1%]
Nepal [1%]
Romania [1%]
India [1%]
Italy [1%]
Thailand [1%]
Spain [1%]
France [1%]
New Zealand [1%]

i expect visitors from the U.S. of course, and also Canada. i mean, i know someone there. and i'm following a blogger in Australia. but Nepal? South Korea? India? hard for me wrap my brain around that. i might not be a world traveler (i prefer sleeping in my own bed and i don't like flying) but it appears that my blog is.

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