January 1, 2010

January 1, xx10

more totally random thoughts...

♫ a friend is trying to start a fad on facebook with the name of the new year. instead of saying "two-thousand ten" or "twenty ten" she's just calling it "ten." i'm trying to help her. so pass it on. tell everyone "happy ten."

♫ my anniversary is tomorrow. i will have been married 23 years. the only explanation as to why Joe and i chose to get married the day after New Years in 1987 is that i knew i was graduating from college in December of 1986 and we didn't want to wait any longer than necessary. that means 4 significant events take place within 2 weeks' time - Christmas, birthday, New Years and anniversary.

♫ making up a blog award is harder than i thought it would be, mostly because my photo editing software is on my desktop computer and that particular machine is on the fritz. i had to edit my picture on about 3 different free websites. i like the finished award. i'll try to work on giving it out in a few days.

♫ trying to figure out blog coding was even harder than editing the picture. in the end, none of the directions made sense, and those that did didn't work, so i'm not using fancy code. it's just going to have to be save image and paste link.

♫ i don't like Christmas to end. as a friend said, it's like coming home from a great vacation and finding a dead lizard at the bottom of your pool. or maybe it's like preparing a really great meal and when it's over, you have to wash all the dishes. in rebellion against the end of Christmas, my cut tree is still up, and fortunately, it's still taking water, so it's not shedding yet. and my scant xmas decorations are still up.

♫ i'm going to force myself to write today. i've been putting it off for a couple of weeks and i just have to make myself do it.

♫ i am not going to make any New Year's resolutions. i always break them when i do. better to let God show me where he wants me to change and then let him change it.

♫  i have a great massage therapist. she brought me chocolate cupcakes for my birthday. how many therapists would do that? (of course, i've known her for about 8 years...)

♫ here's to a happy Ten.


Susan R. Mills said...

Happy New Year! Or should I say, Happy Ten! I commented already, but I think it didn't go through, so I apologize if you receive this twice.

Christine H said...

Happy Ten! Our tree is still up and decorated, too. My hubby knows I hate taking it down. But it will probably come down in the next few days.

It's a Cub Scout tree - our pack sells them - and it's stayed fresh for four weeks now. Hardly dropping any needles at all. I'm quite proud of it!

Thanks for the award, my awesome friend!