December 16, 2009

what's a modern, spoiled writer to do?

comic by Inkygirl.

here's what i said, just last week:

"Do you type or write by hand?Type on my laptop. I’m so glad I’m not C. S. Lewis, hammering out the words on a typewriter, or Jane Austen using a quill and pen – or whatever she used. What would I do without cut and paste? Or the delete key?"

so what happened a few days later? the cord for my laptop went on the fritz and i had to order another one. and of course, i didn't have a back up battery. so i'm waiting for my cord to come by FedEx. i'm hoping the adapter works with the cord i already have because the order said the adapter didn't come with one. ARG!

and of course, i had a plot break through yesterday and no place to type it. yes, i could have used the keyboard that goes with my desktop (which i'm doing now), but the keys are stiff and the words don't flow quite as well as they do on my laptop.

i truly am spoiled.

on a completely different note, Abby Annis gave me the Honest Scrap award and i'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass it on to 7 bloggers. i'm still working on that, mostly trying to pick 10 things, and decide if i want to be serious or trivial. trivial would be fun, but i put a lot of trivia about myself here, so a little more serious might be better, but serious is hard. what will my blog readers think of me if i put up something shocking or scandalous?

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Lynnette Labelle said...

On the bright side, you do have a desktop computer. ;)

Congrats on the award.

Lynnette Labelle