December 9, 2009

end of a project, part 1

coming to the end of a major project is bittersweet for me. my interview project is not an exception. i ended up with 21 interviews. i enjoyed hearing about people's writing journeys, their advice on publishing and writing, and their anecdotes about their writing life/history. my plan is to compile all the recommended books and blogs on my website, linking it from here as well.

here are links to each one in case you missed someone.

Lynn Rush

Michelle Van Loon

Michelle Sutton

Siri Mitchell

KM Wilsher

Pam Halter

L. L. Barkat

Dhyana Shipley

Nikole Hahn

Michelle McLean

Rebecca Bruner

Auberné Fox-Hughes

Lauryn Abbott

Brenda Jackson

Jennifer Lynn Cary

Tricia Goyer

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Sandi Greene

Christine L. Hardy

Carol Cox

Ann Lee Miller

Michelle Gregory (but only because someone asked for it)


thewritelife2 said...

Great idea! Great interviews! Keep up the good work, my friend.

Christine H said...

Hi Michelle, I tagged you on my blog.

Christine H said...

I saw your comment on my blog. I figured you might not have time, but I am genuinely interested in your answers. So I hope you'll participate eventually, when you are able.

Happy Writing!