November 13, 2009

resuming interviews with Auberné Fox-Hughes

Since publishing Eldala, God has brought teen writers into my path. I knew my interview project wouldn’t be complete unless I included them.

I met Auberné when her mother bought a copy of Eldala. I don’t remember the exact exchange between us, but Auberné said she loved the book and I asked her to review it on Amazon. Over the last two years, we’ve emailed back and forth, she’s shared some of her writing with me, and we recently discovered we both have a love for Star Wars, especially the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network. Her blog – I Talk in Movie Quotes – even has a clone trooper in its header.
Read her interview here: Auberné Fox-Hughes

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Storybook Woods said...

Actually Auberne` has been writing stories since she was 4, she just does not realize it. Thank you Michelle for being so sweet to my rose xoxoxo Clarice