October 22, 2009

thoughts on NanoWrimo in 2005

to clarify, this is what i was thinking in 2005 before i started nanowrimo. i won't be participating this year.

(mostly fears)

Oct. 4, 2005

i feel this pull to do the nanowrimo thing and then i feel stupid about the whole thing. i'm crazy. i can't do this. i won't get it done and my story is worthless. i read Lloyd Alexander and think i couldn't write that book that way. but then he didn't write that book that way at first. i'm sure it was a crappy first draft. everyone's is. mine will be no different.

why do i think my first draft will be great? this is practise - practise is always hard and lousy. but i can do this - it's just practise and it doesn't mean anything except to say i did this.


KM Wilsher said...

go for it Michelle. Don't let that stuff get in your way - BELIEVE :0)
(Ok. The 'word verification' I have down here - you know in order for your site to accept my comment - it says, "digin" --- DIG IN Michelle!)

Michelle Gregory said...

i appreciate your encouragement. i'm glad that i *did* participate that year and a couple of other times as well. wish i could do it this year, but there's a 2nd draft to finish.