October 21, 2009

i'm starting to worry

(from my series of random entries in my 2005 writing notebook.)

Aug. 30, 2005

what does this say about my little girl (4 years old at the time)? she hands me a toy McDonald's french fry box and says, "It's fish."

i look in and this is the macabre scene - 2 dozen Lego people heads are at the bottom. now they are in her hand- she's holding them very gently. now she's sorting them into other Lego type containers. pouring them into her hand, putting them back.

there's something gross about Lego people and being able to change their heads, torsos, arms, legs. they're rolling around in Lego buckets all over the world. Anna is collecting them like she collects money and lamenting that she doesn't have enough heads.

now she's putting them on a toy hamburger, with impish delight. what is she thinking?

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thewritelife2 said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Heads will roll."