October 20, 2009

digging into my writing notebook for trashy posts

(another in my series of random entries from a 2005 writing notebook.)

i think i can tell a lot about us from our garbage cans. i just sealed up the kitchen garbage bag tonight and actually paid attention to what was in there.
-- a mostly deflated pink helium balloon
--an out-dated Michael's ad
--egg shells from Joe's egg salad
--outdated coupons i never got around to cutting out
--2 out of 6 jumping beans that Joe couldn't reach to put back in the jar (they're not jumping - they jumped yesterday and the boys want to see the moths emerge even though they'll die right away)
--chocolate milk straws
--things we didn't want... junk mail, a half a dozen ripped up credit card offers

The trash can in the bedroom...
--used ink cartridges
--rough drafts of a letter
--two misprinted envelopes
--an empty kleenex box
--a burned out lightbulb

i won't go into what's in the bathroom trash. i don't want to know.


KM Wilsher said...

Oh yeah. Can tell a lot :)

Donetta said...

funny but this is really gret novel fodder. I can almost hear her saying these things as she searches for that lost?>.....

Kristal Shaff said...

I'm trying to figure out why I found this post so fascinating... :o)