welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog

i'm Michelle Gregory, a 55-year-old wife, mom, Jesus-follower, beginning French learner, and Arizona native who moved to Montana 6 years ago (yeah--that was a huge change). i collect way too many craft supplies (and occasionally use them), spend way too much time on Instagram and Facebook, obsessively check my email, and own 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 very large black cat. i've been working on the sequel to my one fantasy novel for 9 years (don't you feel better now?). i haven't done anything here for a long time, but maybe jumping back into blogging will get the writer side of my brain humming again.

all of that may be more than you wanted to know, but anyway...

October 20, 2009

digging into my writing notebook for trashy posts

(another in my series of random entries from a 2005 writing notebook.)

i think i can tell a lot about us from our garbage cans. i just sealed up the kitchen garbage bag tonight and actually paid attention to what was in there.
-- a mostly deflated pink helium balloon
--an out-dated Michael's ad
--egg shells from Joe's egg salad
--outdated coupons i never got around to cutting out
--2 out of 6 jumping beans that Joe couldn't reach to put back in the jar (they're not jumping - they jumped yesterday and the boys want to see the moths emerge even though they'll die right away)
--chocolate milk straws
--things we didn't want... junk mail, a half a dozen ripped up credit card offers

The trash can in the bedroom...
--used ink cartridges
--rough drafts of a letter
--two misprinted envelopes
--an empty kleenex box
--a burned out lightbulb

i won't go into what's in the bathroom trash. i don't want to know.


KM Wilsher said...

Oh yeah. Can tell a lot :)

Donetta said...

funny but this is really gret novel fodder. I can almost hear her saying these things as she searches for that lost?>.....

Kristal Shaff said...

I'm trying to figure out why I found this post so fascinating... :o)