August 22, 2009


we were in Montana for 2 weeks. i'll post more pictures soon. here are some random thots, things that happened, in no apparent order

** 2 weeks is too long for a vacation. 10 days would have been better

** i had breakfast with Tricia Goyer. what a fun, beautiful lady. it's always nice to meet other writers.

** Montana is beautiful... and so big i don't think i'll ever see all of it... but we tried to see a lot of it on this trip.

** driving around in a car made for 4 small adults rather than 4 tall people and an 8 year old made me appreciate my Excursion. i kissed it when we got home early this morning.

** i've never seen so many horses. my daughter was thrilled - and so was my husband. i think he had horse envy several times.
** flying into Mesa at 12 midnight is no fun, esp. when you thought you were going to be home by 9:15 and you had to be diverted into Las Vegas to avoid thunderstorms that shut down 2 airports. i don't like flying into or out of Las Vegas. turbulence over Lake Mead is nauseating.

** there really is no place like home. glad to be back.