July 1, 2009

when you've got nothing else to say...

post more random things about yourself...

~~ we love watching movies so much that we bought an HD big screen t.v. i call it our tribute to the entertainment gods.

~~ my husband has 2 hunting trophies in our family room. i hardly notice them anymore. one is a buffalo that looks down from the wall. the other is an antelope that sits on a custom pedestal.

~~ thanks to my boys and George Lucas, i'm a walking Star Wars wiki. my son and i even made up a Star Wars trivia quiz on facebook.

~~ my husband gave me a replica of Arwen's sword from Lord of the Rings. it sits on my mantle and reminds me that 1- i am essential to those around me and 2- i can be brave when i have to be.

~~ two Christmases ago, i got a stand mixer because i wanted to start baking more. i think i've used it three times in 2 years. i'll keep trying.

~~ my husband in the real cook in the family. he had the best time making me a German chocolate cake from scratch for my half birthday (yes, he melted the chocolate and made the pecan icing - and yes, he used the stand mixer).

~~ i don't read the newspaper or listen to the news. i have the kind of heart that is disturbed by bad news, even if it's not personal bad news. i read the comics instead.

~~ my son and i love to paint pottery. i love the way the paint feels going onto the greenware. recently, i painted a fairy and a mermaid.

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