November 15, 2008

back and forth

Dear Characters,
I'm ready to delete your story. I think it's garbage. I'm in the dreaded "20,000's." Things are not going the way I planned. I wonder why I ever started.


Dear Michelle,
We can forgive the aimless plot and clunky dialogue. We can even forgive what you're putting us through. What we will not forgive, however, is you quitting.

If you don't finish this story, we won't know what happens. We can't live without resolution. Please finish. We know you can do it. Somehow you did it before and the results were good. We know you can write a story, so please finish this one.

Your characters


Sombra said...

Isn't the editing process supposed to come LATER.. Keep writing, delete the parts you don't like later.. rewrite the parts you don't like - BUT DO NOT QUIT. Myles is looking forward to reading the next book, and he wants to know if you're going to turn it into a movie.

DON"T QUIT! My boy needs a new book to read!


Donetta said...

It sounds like your characters really need you to continue. I can sure understand though. I feel like quitting making jewelry after this weekend.Hang in there . Remember maybe your tired.

A Musing Mom said...

Thanks for sharing those letters. Now listen to your characters - they're right. And since I would have written the same letter to mine, I'm going to guess my characters would have answered me as yours did. Let's keep going and get their stories told! We can do it!